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The main ingredient of tofu are soybeans, containing about 37 % protein, which is widely considered to be a complete protein. They are kept dry and soaked overnight before use. Raw soybeans contain trypsin inhibitor, which is poisonous to people and animals. This can be decomposed by wet heating.

The soaked soybeans are ground, filtered and boiled in water. The result is a kind of soy milk with a thick and silky consistency and it differs from the packaged soy drink products from the supermarket. Soy milk is lactose-free in contrast to cow milk. It's very common for a Chinese household to own a soy machine which can produce milk out of beans within only 10-20 minutes. 

The SLOW TOFU tools are specially designed for your crafting experience:

1. Fill up the freshly coagulated soy curds into the bamboo basket;

2. Press them with the ceramic bowl. The liquid will flow into the deep plate below;

3. After 20-30 Minutes, the tofu is done. All you need is to turn the bowl upside down and remove the bamboo basket;

4. Enjoy tofu in its best state: while it's warm and fresh!




The fresh soy milk can now be coagulated into soy curds with the help of coagulants such as salt or acid.

When pressing out the liquid in the curds, a firm bulk will form and this is known as tofu. 

The taste and consistency of self-made tofu can be designed according to your wish: whether sweet with honey, strawberries and mint, or savory with soy sauce, sesame and seaweed, soy curds can be mixed with any ingredient before being pressed. The tofu can turn out to be juicy or chewy, depending on how much pressure you put onto the curds and how long you press. And who says tofu must be square-shaped?