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"The question here is not how to prepare tofu so that it finally tastes good, but that fresh tofu also tastes good as it is, raw and pure."

- workshop participant

The SLOW TOFU Workshop is a culinary journey, an unique experience that combines theories, craft and dining. The participants are introduced to the world of tofu production: its origin, raw ingredients, nutrition values, production process, byproducts. You are also invited to make your own portions of firm tofu and garnish them with your preferred ingredients. With simple side dishes you will taste self-made tofu fresh on spot. 

In collaboration with tofu manufactures, design stores, vegan chefs and restaurants, SLOW TOFU Workshops have been taking place in Berlin and Hamburg in Germany as well as Hangzhou and Dalian in China. We offer workshops to individuals as well as groups between 8-12 persons and it usually lasts 3 hours, including the tasting.

Feel free to write an inquiry via E-mail if you want to join or host a workshop. Follow us on Facebook to keep updated about English-speaking workshops!